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Kinknesis are our Kinky Straight  extensions which are 100% Peruvian human hair.  These extensions blend with ANY texture and allows for versatility in styling.  Wear them straight or use a wand curler or curling iron for a fabulous curly look!

Quantity Needed: In order to do a full head you’ll need 2 sets. Lengths longer than 20″ may require 3 sets.

Maintenance – To preserve the hair and ensure longevity, finger combing is suggested. Wash the hair weekly/biweekly and use Kinky Curly Knot Today for more slip when finger combing. If you choose to comb the hair, use a wide tooth comb (preferably a detangling brush) and start from the ends then work your way up.

Clip-in Specificatiokinkistry.comns: Total pcs (7) per set – 1pc 12″ with 4 clips, 1pc 10″ with 4 clips, 1pc 8″ with 3 clips, 2pcs 6″ with 3 clips, 2pcs 2″ with 1 clip. Total weight – 120 grams

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