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Kinknetics clip-in extensions are 100% virgin human hair and is the kinkiest hair in our collection for the 4B-4C naturalista. 4B-4C hair is tightly coiled,very thick and coarse. The curl pattern is tight with numerous bends in each strand with little to no space between the curls.  It feels like cotton and is usually very densely packed together. Kinknetics comes in its natural color – #1/#1b.

Clip-in Specifications: Total pcs (7) per set – 1pc 12″ with 4 clips, 1pc 10″ with 4 clips, 1pc 8″ with 3 clips, 2pcs 6″ with 3 clips, 2pcs 2″ with 1 clip. Total weight – 120 grams

Quantity Needed: In order to do a full head you’ll need 2 sets. Lengths longer than 20″ may require 3 sets.

Maintenance: Kinknetics does require more maintenance because of the tight curl pattern.  To preserve the hair and ensure longevity, finger combing is suggested. Wash the hair weekly/biweekly and use Kinky Curly Knot Today for more slip when finger combing. If you choose to comb the hair, use a wide tooth comb (preferably a detangling brush) and start from the ends then work your way up.

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