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This item is a PRE-ORDER item, it’s expected to arrive at our office by the end of November. If you order this item with other in-stock items, your order will be shipped out once this item has arrived. We cannot accept cancellations for PRE-ORDER items, so please be aware of that before ordering.

The Mermaid style is being reworked, if you order this pre-order listing, you put in an order for the new style. It includes a more natural skin top/parting and fringe. Please refer to the image below to what the sample of the reworked Mermaid style looks like:

Our beautiful Mermaid style has long, soft waves that give a glamorous look, but can easily be worn in a day to day way too! They are a bit higher maintenance than our other wigs, due to the length and style, and they definitely need to be brushed through, but it’s definitely a style that makes any mermaid green with envy! This wig is completely hand dyed for an unique color gradient effect.

Length: 70-75cm
Fringe: Long, sideswept, medium thickness
Skin top: Extra big
Heat resistant: Up to 200°C or 390°F, but recommended at 150°C or 300°F.

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