NEW/ 26″/ 400g-Clip-In Extensions-Goldiluxe Hair

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Our clip-in extensions are made with the highest quality, cuticle Remy human hair, hand selected from the healthiest virgin ponytail.  Our hair is unsurpassed in quality.

Our extensions are gently processed and meticulously crafted in small batches to maintain the highest quality standards.

Goldiluxe Hair Extensions are long lasting, thick from top to bottom, have a luxurious texture, natural elasticity and a beautiful shine.

Invest in superior quality hair extensions.

Length: 26″

Pure Hair Weight: 400g

Total Weight: Approx 420g

Pieces: 11

8″- 3 wefts

7″- 2 wefts

6″- 2 wefts

4″- 2 wefts

3″- 2 wefts

Wefts: Seamless, Strong, Lightweight

Double Drawn: Thick from Root to Tip

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High Quality Hair is Always Worth the Investment.

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