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Indique’s PURE Wavy Lace Front Wig offers complete coverage with endless styling options. Our lace front wigs combine a freestyle parting ventilated area with reinforced wefts and a sturdy flexible base. The PURE Wavy Lace Front Wig is a medium size cap with adjustable straps which fits most. Offered in 18″, the PURE Wavy Lace Front Wig is the perfect protective style with the most versatility.

Wavy hair has a signature wave pattern that creates effortless movement and outstanding body. Virgin Indian remy hair extensions are natural and typically come between a color 1B and 2. Indique’s PURE Wavy hair texture is very versatile: this hair can be worn one length or in layers—the natural wave pattern is simply gorgeous. PURE Wavy holds curls beautifully and flat irons smooth and straight. Each Lace Front Wig contains approximately 7 oz of hair.

Lace Front Wigs should fit circumferences ranging from 21-23″, and a diameter up to 13″.

PURE Lace Front Wig Specifications:

• Circumference: 23″
• Hairline to nape/Diameter: 13″
• Ear-to-Ear (across forehead): 11.5″
• Ear-to-Ear (across the top) Hairline: 13.5″
• Temple-to temple (around back): 15″
• Nape of neck: 5″

Use our Indique measuring system to select your size! Download this handy guide here for photo examples, or following the guidelines below.

When fitting for an Indique Lace Front Wig, a few measurements should be taken into consideration. Use measuring tape or download our Indique Ruler. In order to get the most accurate dimensions, measurements should be taken with your natural hair either braided or in a flat wrap. The presence of an existing install will give inaccurate results.

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