Remy I-Tip Hair Extensions (Straight & Curly)

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Here’a a short video that will guide you throughout the purchase of our Remy I-Tip hair extensions.


Are you tired of various hot fusion methods or short-term alternatives? Worry no more and try I-tip hair extensions from AiryHair. You can apply our i-tips without any heat and enjoy the benefits of long-lasting hair extensions. I-tip extensions from AiryHair are made from the highest-quality hair, for a soft, touchable, natural look you’ll love.

Did you notice how celebrities go from short bobs one month and flaunting surprisingly generous flowing locks the next? Well, you have just glimpsed at the i-tip hair extension magic. Now’s your turn to live your Rapunzel fantasy! All by adding length as well as fullness to your tresses, without waiting impatiently for natural growth.


The I-tip extensions are attached with the cold fusion method, without heat. Essentially, you insert the additional hair through a micro-tube / micro-ring and then secure everything with pliers. It’s a simple hair extension application.

• Name: Remy Stick / I-Tip, 100% Human Hair Extensions (100 Strands); 8 Textures – Single or Double Drawn.

• Color: We have black, brown and ombré I-tip hair extensions as well as every shade of blond.

Complement your own hair color and / or add highlights in one or more tints. Every natural shade from brown to blonde comes in darker to lighter variations. Unless you want to display dramatic differences, pick a tone that matches yours closely.

• Length: 10 to 30 inches

Are you nervous about a drastic change from short to long hair? Then start with a conservative length you’re comfortable wearing instead of an excessive one. Even if you’re eager to make a bold statement, be a little cautious. Choose a length that’s suitable for you and accentuates your unique physical features.

• Weight: 40g to 140 grams

If you haven’t decided on I-tip extensions weight yet, see our valuable resources section below. There’s a full guide that explains every single thing about Remy human hair extensions.

• Strands: 100 per package

Our hair extension strands are a dream to touch. You’ll want to keep running your hands through them, they’re that heavenly!

• Single Strand Weight: 0.4g to 1 grams

This number indicates the thickness of I-tip hair extensions. More does not always mean better and 1g / strand is the golden-ratio of strand thickness.

• Texture: Straight, body wave, yaki, kinky curly, deep weave, or curly

From straight to curly i-tips, pick a texture that complements your own. Avoid combining extremes, or your extensions could look fake.


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