Remy Invisible Tape In Hair Extensions (Straight & Curly)

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Do you want the freedom to quickly increase your hair volume and length with zero hassle? Maybe without the hassle of micro loops? Then AiryHair’s, all human tape-in hair extensions may be just what you’re looking for! Also, unlike temporary types like clip-ins, they are taped to your strands and stay there until your hair grows out.

Tape-in hair extensions have gained popularity due to their easy application compared to fusion hair extensions. They are a simple and convenient method to boost your locks. Stop waiting for your real strands to grow. You can go from short to thick and long hair in less than 20 minutes! Even more, you can apply our invisible tape-in extensions with no outside assistance required.


We craft our Remy tape-in hair extensions using real human hair. Therefore, they will blend seamlessly with your natural locks. In addition to that, our durable tapes will stay put forever, yet are easy to remove.

• Color: Our human hair extensions are available in blond, brown, brunette and other tones. Even better, we have balayage and ombré tape-in extensions for that extra kick!

• Length: 6 to 30 inches

We have all the flexibility in the world to offer the largest variety of best tape-in hair extensions.

• Weight: 30g, 100g and 200 grams

We have grouped our tapes intro 3+1 different combinations that will suit even the most demanding customers! Tape-in hair extensions of 100 grams are best for thin hairwhile thicker strands suit medium or thick hair owners.

• Quality: Remy Premium, Single or Double Drawn

• Tape Pieces: 20 to 40

Select the length and thickness of hair extensions to see stylist recommendations for the suggested number of pieces. Two pieces will make a single sandwich, so plan ahead!

• One Piece Weight: 0.5g to 5 grams

• Single Tape Dimensions: 1.57-inch x 0.31-inch (4 cm x 0.8 cm)

• Texture: Straight, body wave, deep wave, loose wave, funmi, yaki, kinky curly or deep curly tape-in extensions.

Did you know that AiryHair has its own factory and can produce any hair extension texture? We manually curl our tape-ins to ensure no damage.


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